How it works:

It takes only 4 easy steps to create your zapptales book.

1. Install the app

The zapptales apps for iOS and Android are the quickest and easiest way to upload your WhatsApp chat from your smartphone to the zapptales software.

01 - App Instalieren
02 - Chat hochladen

2. Upload your chat

The step by step guide in our app makes exporting your chat super simple. You then receive your personal login data.

02 - Chat hochladen

3. Customize your book

Login to your personal chat edition page and get creative! You can edit everything – from cover to dedication, pictures, messages and videos.

03 - Buch personalisieren
04 - Freuen

4. Enjoy

Once you have placed and checked your order you can lean back and start looking forward to your book! DHL delivers your zapptales book to the address of your choice in just a few days.

04 - Freuen

Get started right away

Get the zapptales app now to create your first book:

Life writes the best stories

Your love story, the chat with your best friend, a modern baby diary or an entire year with your family… There are countless moments that are worth preserving. And many that long for a unique gift.

We are here to help

There is a helpful tutorial taking you through all your design options waiting for you on the chat edition page.

Of course, our friendly support team is always happy to help you via live chat or email:

This video also gives you a good impression of how easy it is to create your individual zapptales book.

Good to know

  • Your data belongs to you

    We take data protection and privacy very seriously.

    The entire process of creating your book is completely software based and automated – from exporting your chat until you hold your book in your hands. So only you can see your chat!

    To make protect your data our website is completely SSL encrypted. Your data is processed on high security servers in Germany.

    Also, your chat is only stored on our servers for 14 days from your most recent login – that means you can take a creative break whenever you feel like it and come back to your chat when you are ready. After this, your data is automatically deleted – but don’t worry, we send you a short reminder before the 14 days are over. If you wish, you can also delete your chat manually beforehand.

  • Trying it out is free

    Using our apps and creating your book with the zapptales software is completely free. So you give it a try! You only make a purchase when you order your book.

  • That’s why the app is the best option

    The zapptales app is the easiest, quickest and safest way to export your data from WhatsApp to the zapptales software. All other methods take a lot longer or require an account with the respective service provider. The app safes you a lot of hassle.

  • This is how to export your chat via email

    The app is definitely the easiest and quickest way to export your WhatsApp chat to zapptales.

    But if you cannot or don’t want to install and app, you can also export your chat via email. You can find out how exactly this works here .