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General questions
about our chat books

General questions about our chat books

Voice messages and videos are uploaded on the editing page as well. On the editing page you can decide whether you want them in your book or not. If you activated them on the editing page, they appear as QR codes on the editing page and later in the book. You can scan them with the QR code scanner in our app or with any QR code scanner of your choice.

Both formats (hard cover and soft cover) have a portrait format in DIN A5 size (14.8 x 21.0 cm).

No, there is no page limit. You can print your entire chat as a book. So that you don’t have to lug around bricks and for the binding to be as crisp in 10 years’ time as it is today, chats with more than 500 pages are automatically divided into volumes. The FAQ point “How are very long chats divided into volumes?” tells you more about how exactly this is done.

Yes, that’s possible. With this, you can, for example, add new messages to a chat you have already uploaded or add a part which is missing due to changing your phone or phone number. You can even combine WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, iMessage, Threema or Telegram chats in one book with this option 😊

All you have to do is to upload the chats separately to zapptales and then inform our support team via – before you place an order. The team will then start the merge directly via our software. 😊

Good to know: If the chats overlap, our software automatically sorts the messages in chronological order when they are merged.

You can access your videos and voice messages at any time by using the QR Code scanner in our zapptales app or by using any other QR Code scanner of your choice. 😊

Yes, you can! 😊 As the files are saved on high security servers, they are available for you 24/7 – even if you have deleted the videos or voice messages from your phone or your chat at some point.

To print your WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, iMessage, Threema or Telegram chat as a book, you can choose between a softcover and hardcover version. Both versions are printed in a DIN A5 format (14.8 x 21.0 cm). The cover has a thickness of 2mm and we use 115g/qm glossy paper for the print.

We know that memories are something to treasure. And to make sure that you can enjoy leafing through those memories time and again, we adhere to a very high quality standard.

The facts: Our books are printed in a high quality printing process at a specialized printer in Germany, using 115g/m² profigloss paper – in colour, of course 😊

There is no exact minimum length you chat needs to have – yet, to turn it into a book, it needs at least 36 pages. But don’t worry – if your chat has less than 36 pages, our software adds plain pages and you can still print a book. On these pages, you can add personal notes, write down your thoughts or add more pictures to make your book even more personal! 😊

There is no data limitation if you want to print your WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, iMessage, Threema or Telegram chat – your chat can be as long as you want. Very long chats are simply divided into volumes.

Currently, we print WhatsAppFacebook Messenger, Instagram, iMessage, Threema and Telegram chats as a book. We are already working on integrating other messaging services.

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If you have ordered your book or PDF with QR codes, they appear in the PDF as well. In this case, you need a QR code scanner as well to access the videos and voice messages. 😊

In general, it is possible to print any kind of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, iMessage, Threema or Telegram messages – including all emojis, smileys, stickers and characters.

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, iMessage, Threema and Telegram regularly update their smileys database, and we always do our best to keep up to date 😊 If you happen to still find a mistake regarding these special characters, please let us know.

Whatever you want to do with your chat, the first step is always to upload it to zapptales. The procedure for this is different for every messenger. Here you can find the respective instructions:

The PDF file costs up to 500 pages of chat 16.90 € (+ 1 € for every additional 50 pages). But don’t worry, the upload and design are free. Only when you decide on a product and place an order will there be costs for you.

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