Step by step guide: How to copy media files from WebWhatsApp and add them to my zapptales book

Unfortunately, it can sometimes happen that WhatsApp does not upload all media files from your chat. This is because Android limits the data volume you can export from WhatsApp. This problem is caused by Android on WhatsApp and it is beyond our power to influence this.

We have, however, come up with a solution so that you can still add the missing media to your zapptales book:

On the zapptales chat edition page, you find place holders in those places where there are media files missing. Please make sure that the “Add media” function is activated, as the place holders are only visible in this mode. You can now manually add the missing media.

Please note:

  1. This can only be done on a computer
  2. This tutorial is made using the Google Chrome browser. We recommend you also use the Google Chrome browser

To access your WhatsApp media files and insert them into your chat, please follow these steps: