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How to print Facebook Messages: Your chat as a book, PDF or .html file

Do you want to know how to print Facebook messages? Read our tutorial to find out how.

How to export a WhatsApp chat

Our step by step guide to exporting your WhatsApp chat as a text file and a method to print it as a PDF or book.

Top Five Reasons to Transform Your WhatsApp Chat into a Book

Print WhatsApp messages? Is that possible? Yes! Why should I do that? – That’s a question we hear a lot. The answer? There’s more than one! Here are the top five:

Write WhatsApp Message in Bold, Italics, or Crossed Out

Show some personality in your WhatsApp chat! It is now possible to write in italics or bold or cross out words and sentences.

How to write the perfect personal dedication for your WhatsApp book

So, you are going to give a really special someone in your life the probably most personal book in the world: you are going to print your WhatsApp chat. And to top it all off: you can make it even more personal by adding a dedication :). Think of it as the grand entrance to your story.

WhatsApp Chat drucken - So gehts

How to print WhatsApp messages: Your chat as a book, PDF or .txt file

A simple guide for Android and iOS – and the perfect solution to bring your printed chat to life.

Customer feedback: Leanne’s awesome zapptales experience

What more could we say? Much more enthusiasm than Leanne fells for her very personal WhatsApp book feels, is quite impossible! :) After Leanne had written us, we wanted to know more about her story and asked her a few questions.

And what do you think about Valentine’s day?

Just like every year, St. Valentine’s Day will take place on the 14th of February. It’s a day that not everyone agrees on. No matter whether happily married or single: some hate the day, others love it. Many couples love to celebrate their relationship in a particularly romantic way – but just as many avoid it at all costs. So what is this day? Romantic? Kitschy? Or simply annoying?

Facebook Messenger Chat als zapptales Buch drucken

Print Facebook Messenger Chat as a Book or PDF – How To

The world’s most personal present in just four simple steps.

Kundenfeedback zu zapptales

The zapptales Effect: Excitement, Tears of Joy, Through-the-House-Jumping

You want them to like your present? No. You want it to absolutely WOW them! No problem.
A zapptales WhatsApp book does just that. Here are the reactions of three of our customers to their WhatsApp book:

WhatsApp Chat in mehreren Bänden

Your WhatsApp Chronicles are now Automatically Divided into Volumes!

You have a seriously long chat with your best friend, your boyfriend or your sister? And you want to print your WhatsApp chat as a book? You think one book would never be enough? You’re right! That’s why zapptales divides your very long WhatsApp chats into volumes. Automatically. And turns them into the Chronicles of … You!

Nachrichten und Bilder aus WhatsApp Buch löschen

How to Delete Messages and Pictures from Your WhatsApp Book

You constantly chit chat, exchange your opinions, send a quick selfie from the club… There might just be one or the other message in your chat that you wouldn’t want your mum to read :) To make your zapptales WhatsApp book the perfect present, we’ve made it possible for you to delete these messages :)

Das WhatsApp Buch von zapptales als Urlaubslektuere

zapptales’ Summer Holiday Read Recommendation

Summer time is book time! No matter whether you are at the beach, a lakeside or your balcony – we have the perfect holiday read for you!

Customer Feedback: Isabell’s zapptales Experience

Wow, another fabulous zapptales customer feedback! We are very excited about the beautiful words Isabell from Hamburg has to describe her zapptales experience:

Mit Codeemoji deine Nachrichten verschlüsseln

Codemoji: How to use emojis to encyrpt messages

With Codemoji you can use emojis to encipher your messages. This way Mozilla (best known for its web browser Firefox) wants to show you the importance of data encryption – in a playful manner.

The WhatsApp Book For Your Sports Team

Your sports team and you – you have already achieved so much together. Why should these memories be lost to the depths of the digital universe?

New Font Styles for Your WhatsApp Book

You have new cover fonts to choose from! We have added more styles to the cover font selection so you can make your own WhatsApp book even more personal. We have thought of some examples of what your cover could look like – take a look!

Christina’s WhatsApp Book

We love to hear your stories and those behind your WhatsApp book! Here’s one we’d like to share with you:

How To Lock Your WhatsApp Chat

This app might come in handy next time you’re out! It prevents you from sending drunken WhatsApp messages to your ex. And it keeps other nosy people from checking your messages :)

Meet the Inspiration Behind zapptales!

This cutie is the reason Daniel decided to print his family’s WhatsApp Chat and the inspiration for zapptales!

zapptales WhatsApp Buch aus Baby Chat

Checklist : 50 memories to record in your WhatsApp Baby Book

So you’ve decided that it would be lovely to have a baby book you can share with your family, your friends and your kid once they are a bit older. To make sure you don’t forget any essential memories, we’ve put together a list of events you might want to include.

WhatsApp Buch von zapptales aus Baby Chat

WhatsApp baby book: how to keep the best memories of your baby’s first year forever

Your baby’s first smile, her spinach smeared face, eating spaghetti, discovering chocolate, clutching her teddy bear, wearing the cute little outfit you just bought her… Remember all these beautiful moments?

These babies look like WhatsApp emojis!

Their faces are just too cute – and they are the exact copy of some of our favourite emojis. Just had to share these with you. Have fun!

Your Travel WhatsApp Book

The travel season has arrived. Some have just been on holiday, others are about to board their plane and others are planning the next trip already. Or are dreaming of the last one. Make sure you hold on to those treasured memories!

A Wedding Favor Your Guests Will Actually Want: Your WhatsApp Chat as a Book.

The possibilities for wedding favors are endless – your names on candy bars, on luggage tags, homemade candles… But there is a more modern and at least equally individual option. How would you like to tell your very own story, entertain your guests, and give them a wedding favor they will actually want to keep? All at the same time? Sounds awesome, right? Then how about giving away your very own WhatsApp book as a wedding favor?

Dokumente per WhatsApp verschicken

How To Send Documents via WhatsApp

WhatsApp has a new function. Now you can send documents via your beloved instant messaging service!

Turn Your Love Chat Into a WhatsApp Book

“Our story is one of a kind!”, “We should make a book of this!”, “Can you believe the things we’ve been through?”, “This is better than Romeo and Juliet!” Admit it, you have probably said (or at least thought) a similar sentence when talking about your love story.
And still, once the time comes round to think of a personal gift for your boyfriend/ your girlfriend / your wife / your husband, you’re lost for ideas. You’re looking for inspiration for the perfect gift for his / her birthday or your anniversary?

How to install WhatsApp Web on your computer

Your WhatsApp account plays and important role in your life. Especially your mobile life :) But why limit yourself to your mobile? What if the battery is about to die and you really need to send out a few emojis???? Not a problem – you can still continue chatting via your computer. Just use WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp Buch von zapptales zur Hochzeit

A WhatsApp Book for Your Wedding: Five Occasions

Your weddings day consists of more than 24 hours. Every perfect day has a before, now and after. And in most cases there are more than two people involved.

Perfect Gift: WhatsApp Book Cover with Your Top Photo

It’s always the same! Sigh, eye roll. You have amazing people in your life. You want to show them how much you care. With the perfect gift. How? Easy! Make it personal with their photo on the cover of your WhatsApp book.

Create a WhatsApp backup the quick and easy way.

Do you regularly chat with Kim Kardashian? Or do you have another WhatsApp Chat that’s too precious to lose? Here’s a quick and easy way to create a WhatsApp backup.

Making the perfect gift just got a lot easier – and fun! Our new website makes it possible.

The new design and new features such as the inspiration section and the personal cover designer make creating the perfect, unique present for your WhatsApp friends an easy – and entertaining – feat.

Delete your data at any time!

Since now your data was deleted automatically two weeks after exporting your chat.
From now on you will be able to delete your data at any time…

We made a selection of your favourite chat backgrounds

Until now we had almost 100 different chat backgrounds available. We often got the feedback from you that there were too many options and that it was quite confusing to select one.
Therefore we selected the top background so that you don’t get lost with so many options :) You can find the selection below…

zapptales around the world

A small, but very international company!
Thank you for all the great pictures! As you can see, our zapptales business cards are travelling a lot around the world…