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General questions about zapptales

General questions about zapptales

With zapptales you can print your WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger chat and transform it into a unique book – the perfect gift or to hold on to your best memories. With zapptales you have the possibility to edit your WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger messages, deleting those you don‘t want to include in your book, changing the size of the pictures, choosing a cool background and personalizing names and colors.

Print a WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger chat? Yes, it’s possible 🙂

Just imagine: Print the entire WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger conversation (including all pictures) – your own love story, your travel journal, a modern baby book, to say thank you to your bridesmaid or as a gift to your best friend…

It’s the perfect gift for your anniversary, birthday, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s day, Christmas, to say thank you or goodbye, or as a keepsake – for your friend, your husband, your wife, your fiancé, your mum, your dad, your grandparents, your fellow travellers or your colleagues… Or, of course, to keep forever!

However, if you have no interest in a physical book you can also download the same content as PDF and store it as a beautiful WhatsApp backup copy.

Keeping your data safe and respecting your privacy is extremely important for us. Therefore, we have taken care of the all necessary arrangements.

The process of generating the book of your WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger chat is fully automated – from your chat export until the book is in your hands. That means that your information is not seen by anyone but you.

In order to keep your data safe, our website is completely SSL-encrypted. Your data are processed on high security servers in Germany.

For further information, please also visit our privacy policy and our terms and conditions.

The privacy of your data is very important to us! For this reason, your videos and voice messages are saved on high security servers in Germany and the data transfer is encrypted.

Only you or someone holding the book in their hands and with a QR Code scanner has access to your videos and voice messages.

You can delete your chat via the zapptales app at any time you want.

  • Android: Open the zapptales app, go to “My chats”, click on the chat for a few seconds and choose “Delete”;
  • iPhone: Open the zapptales app, go to “My chats” and swipe from right to left in order to delete it;

Important: this process of deleting cannot be undone. Your data and what you edited until then will be deleted. If you want to edit your chat again afterwards you will have to export the chat from WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger and start editing it again.

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