I only want to save my chat and not order a book/PDF. How can I do this?

Chat storage alone is not yet a standard product that we offer – but don’t worry, there is a solution 😉

No matter what you want to do with your chat, the first step is always to upload it to zapptales. The procedure for this is different for every messenger. Here you can find the respective instructions: https://www.zapptales.com/en/create-chat-book/. Uploading and designing your chat is always free of charge.

To have your chat saved in the zapptales cloud, please contact our support team directly (support@zapptales.com). We will arrange for the storage and send you a corresponding payment link by e-mail. The storage of your chat in the zapptales cloud for 10 years costs 9.90 € (+2 € for each additional 5 years).