Why do I have to choose my name?

There are 2 folders for media for each chat. There’s one for sent media and one for received media. After choosing your name, our app knows exactly where to search for the pictures, videos and voice messages and whose pictures, videos and voice messages they are. When not choosing your name, our app might not be able to do so and it might cannot find all pictures, videos and voice messages.

The app crashed and there is no progress

I have installed the Android app and am trying to upload my chat – but the upload shows no progress or the app crashes. What can I do?

In this case, please check to following:

  • Please make sure that you always use the most recent version of our app.
  • It is important that you use a stable WiFi connection to upload your chat. If you do not have a stable connection right now, please try again once you have a stable connection.
  • It might be that you have too many other apps open in the background. Please make sure to close all these apps completely and restart the chat upload. For most Android phones, you can close your apps this way:
    1. Click on the square button at the bottom of your screen
    2. Select “close all”

Should you have tried all this and the upload still doesn’t work, please contact our customer support team: support@zapptales.com. We will find a solution for you 😊