WhatsApp Chat in mehreren Bänden

Your WhatsApp Chronicles are now Automatically Divided into Volumes!

You have a seriously long chat with your best friend, your boyfriend or your sister? And you want to print your WhatsApp chat as a book? You think one book would never be enough? You’re right! That’s why zapptales divides your very long WhatsApp chats into volumes. Automatically. And turns them into the Chronicles of … You!

New Font Styles for Your WhatsApp Book

You have new cover fonts to choose from! We have added more styles to the cover font selection so you can make your own WhatsApp book even more personal. We have thought of some examples of what your cover could look like – take a look!

We made a selection of your favourite chat backgrounds

Until now we had almost 100 different chat backgrounds available. We often got the feedback from you that there were too many options and that it was quite confusing to select one.
Therefore we selected the top background so that you don’t get lost with so many options :) You can find the selection below…