Export WhatsApp Chat via iCloud for iPhone (iOS)

In this page we will explain you how to export a long WhatsApp Chat using iCloud for iPhone (iOS).

You can either use this function for creating a zapptales book of your chat or either for creating a backup for personal keeping of your favourite chat.

Your WhatsApp Chat will probably not fit in a single email, therefore it is necessary to use the iCloud function of your iPhone. iCloud allows you to send unlimited amounts of data to zapptales or to yourself. This way, our software can make all of your messages and pictures – no matter how long your chat – directly available to you on our chat edition page or to your inbox.

How to export your long WhatsApp Chat via iCloud. Step to step guide:

  1. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone.
  2. Go to the chat you want to turn into a book and open it.
  3. Click on the name of the chat  – it’s right at the top, in the middle, above your messages – e.g. “zapptales Team” or “Alvaro, Daniel and Anna” or whatever the name of your chat may be :)
  4. Scroll down, select Export Chat and Attach Media in order to include all your precious images as well.
  5. Send the Chat via email to en@zapptales.com or to your email address.  Note: be sure to use your iPhone’s native eMail function – not that of an external email provider!
  6. If the chat attachment is too large to send via email, you receive an error note on your iPhone. In this note, choose Use Mail Drop* to deliver the attachment using iCloud. This way, our software receives your entire chat.

Here you will find the same guide but with screenshots of your iPhone to make it even easier. See the guide:

Please note that sending very large and long chats may take some time. If you have a slow internet connection, this process can take up to 30 mins! Therefore, we strongly recommend to always stay connected to a WiFi network during this process.

Last but not least:

If you want to explore further options for exporting your chat (like using Dropbox or Google Drive) or you want to find a guide for your Android Phone we recommend you to visit this blog post. Here you will also find solutions to the most common problems which might occur while exporting your chat.

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Step by step tutorial for exporting chat via iCloud for zapptales book