Checklist : 50 memories to record in your WhatsApp Baby Book.

So you’ve decided that it would be lovely to have a baby book you can share with your family, your friends and your kid once they are a bit older. To make sure you don’t forget any essential memories, we’ve put together a list of events you might want to include.

50 memories from pregnancy to baby’s first birthday:

  1. The day we found out
  2. How mum told dad
  3. First time we laid eyes on you (scan)
  4. How we shared our pregnancy news
  5. Mum’s pregnancy musings
  6. What mum craved during pregnancy
  7. What we did on your due date (were we waiting, were you here already?)
  8. Your delivery story
  9. Our reactions the first time we saw you
  10. Who was at the hospital
  11. The essentials (your weight, height, and time of birth)
  12. A play-by-play of your first day on earth
  13. Your homecoming
  14. What your first night at home was like
  15. Your first visitors
  16. Your first smile
  17. How your first doctor’s visit went
  18. Mom’s “Aha!” moment tricks
  19. First outings
  20. When you rolled from your belly to your back
  21. And when you rolled from your back to your belly
  22. Your first sounds
  23. The (inevitable) first diaper disaster
  24. Mom and dad’s first night out
  25. Dad’s biggest surprises about fatherhood
  26. Mom’s biggest surprises about motherhood
  27. Your first babysitter
  28. Who everyone says you look like
  29. When you started sitting on your own
  30. When you got your first tooth
  31. The things that made you LOL
  32. Your first friends
  33. First foods you loved
  34. And those you could have done without
  35. What your nursery looked like
  36. Your first time in a pool
  37. First family vacation
  38. Your eye colour (at 3, 6, 9, 12 months)
  39. Your hair colour (at 3, 6, 9, 12 months)
  40. When you started crawling
  41. When you first pulled yourself up
  42. Your first steps
  43. Your first words
  44. Your first pet
  45. The things that made you happy
  46. And the ones that made you sad
  47. All of your funny, sweet moments
  48. Your most loved lovey
  49. Your first haircut
  50. Your first birthday!

Of course these are only some suggestions – there will certainly be many many many other surprising, fun, cute or even embarrassing moments you might want to record in your WhatsApp baby book.

For more inspiration, check out our inspiration page.

Have fun creating your WhatsApp baby book!

Your zapptales team