Not enough data storage space available!

You received this error message because you do not have enough free data storage space on your phone to upload this chat. This may cause the app to suddenly close or the upload progress to stop.

In this case we recommend you try the following:

I) Close any other apps you have opened during the upload (double-click on the Home button and swipe away all other apps)

II) Delete some data from your phone to free up storage space. You have several options:

  1. Delete unused apps: Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage. Check here if you can delete some apps you do not use. You can also offload some apps to delete them temporarly without losing the app data.
  2. Delete downloaded contents: In the previous settings option you can also see how much data storage each app uses. Is there maybe some data from e.g. Spotify, Netflix or iTunes that you do not use anymore? Maybe you could delete this data and download it again later. You can also delete data directly through the corresponding apps.
  3. Media gallery: Delete videos or pictures you do not need anymore from your gallery.

Good to know: If you have tried the chat upload several times some chat files may have been saved in the app, preventing a new upload from starting. In this case we recommend you delete the zapptales app, install it again and then retry the upload. This way you make sure that no data is stored in the zapptales app.