Show some personality in your WhatsApp chat! It is now possible to write in italics or bold or cross out words and sentences.

You knew that this should have been possible. And now it is. You can put more emphasis on single words or whole sentences in your WhatsApp messages by marking them as italic, bold or crossed out. Or everything combined.

WhatsApp Message with I love you in bold, italic and crossed out

How to mark words as italic, bold or crossed out in WhatsApp

It’s really easy. Just add these symbols in front of and after the words you want to mark:

  • Bold: *zapptales*
  • Italics: _zapptales_
  • Crossed out: ~zapptales~ (but why would you want to write that?)

Or combined: *_zapptales_*, for example.

Or _I love you_, or ~I love you~, or maybe even *~I love you~*.

Have fun trying it out! :)

Your zapptales Team