Print your Facebook messages with zapptales

How to print Facebook Messages: Your chat as a book, PDF or .html file

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How to export a WhatsApp chat

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How to write the perfect personal dedication for your WhatsApp book

So, you are going to give a really special someone in your life the probably most personal book in the world: you are going to print your WhatsApp chat. And to top it all off: you can make it even more personal by adding a dedication :). Think of it as the grand entrance to your story.

Facebook Messenger Chat als zapptales Buch drucken

Print Facebook Messenger Chat as a Book or PDF – How To

The world’s most personal present in just four simple steps.

Mit Codeemoji deine Nachrichten verschlüsseln

Codemoji: How to use emojis to encyrpt messages

With Codemoji you can use emojis to encipher your messages. This way Mozilla (best known for its web browser Firefox) wants to show you the importance of data encryption – in a playful manner.

How To Lock Your WhatsApp Chat

This app might come in handy next time you’re out! It prevents you from sending drunken WhatsApp messages to your ex. And it keeps other nosy people from checking your messages :)

Dokumente per WhatsApp verschicken

How To Send Documents via WhatsApp

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