Christina’s zapptales Experience

We love to hear your stories and those behind your WhatsApp book! Here’s one we’d like to share with you:

Last week we got a message from Cristina from Spain. She had created a WhatsApp book for her boyfriend Xavi, in which she had covered the first six months of their relationship, and given it to him on their fist holiday together.

This is their story:

“Thank you zapptales! Yesterday I gave to my boyfriend Xavi our first WhatsApp book. In this book we had the first 6 months of our chats, from the first message to when things started to get serious and the planning of our first holiday together. He was totally taken aback by the amazing present. We spent the whole night reading our messages and laughing at all the cool moments we had lived already. The WhatsApp book is like a diary of the relationship, covering the diferent phases and moments. Thank you for making it so easy to create such a personal and unique present.”

We asked her if she could send us a picture and she sent us this one from…Geneva! They were spending their first holiday together there and it was the chosen place for this surprise.

Thank you Cristina! These comments motivate us to keep improving our product and service day after day.

Do you also have an interesting story related to your WhatsAp Book? We would be really happy to hear about it! Send your story to to share it!

Your zapptales team :)