How to lock your WhatsApp Chat with Whatslock

No More Drunken WhatsApp Messages to the Ex!

This app might come in handy next time you’re out! It prevents you from sending drunken WhatsApp messages to your ex. And it keeps other nosy people from checking your messages :)

Lock for WhatsApp WhatsLock

If you want to make sure that no-one, and absolutely no-one has access to your WhatsApp messages, you should lock them with a security app. Lock for WhatsApp (Whatslock) offers two options to do so: with a PIN number or a blocking pattern.

And the best part of it: the app has a “drunk mode” that prevents you from sending embarrassing messages when you’re not quite yourself :). To open WhatsApp, you have to solve a math problem!

Why don’t you try it for yourself :)

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