The zapptales Effect: Excitement, Tears of Joy, and Through-the-House-Jumping

You want them to like your present? No. You want it to absolutely WOW them! No problem.

A zapptales WhatsApp book does just that. Here are the reactions of three of our customers to their WhatsApp book:

Kundenfeedback zu zapptales

3 Reactions of zapptales’ Customers:

1) Tears of Joy!

“Nothing could top this present to my girlfriend. She wasn’t just pleased to receive it. This present was genius. She cried tears of joy and I was happy.” (Frank)

2) Through-the-House-Jumping!

“Just received your book and am jumping through the house with joy!” (Kathrin)

3) Excitement! 
„My books arrived last week and I am still excited! The idea is great! … And the end result is fantastic. It simply is a fabulous and well-rounded product!” (Isabell)

Isn’t it great that giving your loved ones the perfect gift can be this easy?

By the way: These feedbacks made us jump through the office with joy, too! Many thanks to Frank, Kathrin and Isabell :) If you also want to make us jump, please just send us an email to

Have fun giving tears of joy!

Your zapptales team