Your Travel WhatsApp Book: Preserve Your Holiday Adventures!

The travel season has arrived. Some have just been on holiday, others are about to board their plane and others are planning the next trip already. Or are dreaming of the last one. Make sure you hold on to those treasured memories!

Travel WhatsApp book zapptales

Your memories are in your WhatsApp chat. Keep them!

Do you still remember your last fabulous holiday? With your boyfriend maybe? Or your best friend? Or the entire gang? Or was it an adventure, all by yourself? Of course you remember. Every trip is full of impressions, emotions and discoveries.

It starts with the planning. Find a destination, pick the right time. And then the best part begins: you can start looking forward to your holiday. Countdown! You start sending pictures you have found on the web. Check that you have thought of everything. Buy the perfect beach outfit. And comment on it with your friend. And then you’re off.

A selfie at the gate, kiss form um, let everyone know you’ve arrived safely, send photos of every happy moment to those at home and all your envious friends. The most beautiful shell on the beach, the perfect sunset, the mountaintop, the cozy café on the corner, the new hat, the cool bar.

All this is documented, commented on and sent via WhatsApp. Of course. WhatsApp is your personal life ticker!

And then you get back home. The holiday is over, you’ve collected some great memories. And you want to hold on to them! But do you really have the time to create a photo book? Oh, the hassle. Not enough time. Bring a souvenir? That’s only going to collect dust and ends up not really looking as great in your apartment as you thought. And really – that’s just not necessary!

You already have everything you need under your nose – or in your hands. In your WhatsApp chat! You have kept everything right there – including photos, comments and smileys. What would be simpler (and more beautiful) than being able to print your WhatsApp chat and keep it forever? It’s the perfect souvenir. You can take it off the shelf, leaf through it with your friends, share memories. Memories that make you proud or memories that make you laugh.

You can keep your WhatsApp book for yourself – or maybe give one to all the girls you went on holiday with. To be continued :)

You can get started right now: here.

Have fun travelling, giving away and dreaming!

Your zapptales team