A Wedding Favor Your Guests Will Actually Want: Your WhatsApp Chat as a Book.

The possibilities for wedding favors are endless – your names on candy bars, on luggage tags, homemade candles… But there is a more modern and at least equally individual option. How would you like to tell your very own story, entertain your guests, and give them a wedding favor they will actually want to keep? All at the same time? Sounds awesome, right?

open Wedding WhatsApp Book

Not just awesome, but possible. You use WhatsApp, don’t you? And you have sent each other WhatsApp messages right from the start, set up dates, planned your first holiday together… There must be numerous funny messages in there; and maybe even some not so funny ones that where later resolved and made up for? Anyway, your WhatsApp chat certainly contains countless treasurable moments you could share with your wedding guests.

You’re nodding? Then how about giving away your very own WhatsApp book as a wedding favor? Oooh, yes.

Which part of your WhatsApp chat you print as a book is – of course – entirely up to you. It depends on your story, your messages, your adventures – and on how much you want to share with your guests. Just pick the messages and pictures that you want to share. That’s a highly entertaining way to show your guests that you were always meant for each other :)

What could your wedding favor WhatsApp book be about?

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • The chat of your first year – how it all began
  • From the first date to the romantic proposal – your story
  • The most beautiful moments of your lives together – a family friendly version
  • The funniest WhatsApp messages – entertainment for your guests

Of course, the content is entirely up to your – which is what makes this the possibly most individual wedding favor there is.

And don’t forget: you can delete messages and pictures that aren’t meant for everyone! And highlight those that are particularly important to you.

What might your wedding favor WhatsApp book look like?

That also depends on you. There are countless options to customize your WhatsApp book. In this case, the most important part definitely is the title and the cover photo – both of which you can choose. And there are also a large number of colour and background options available. This way, you can add your personal style to your wedding favor. Elegant, funny, modern – anything you can think of, really.

Curiuos? There’s more inspiration on a wedding WhatsApp book here.

Have fun reminiscing, smiling and making presents!

Your zapptales team