Say NO to gift vouchers! Here’s Inspiration for a Really Thoughtful Gift for Your Loved One.

“Our story is one of a kind!”, “We should make a book of this!”, “Can you believe the things we’ve been through?”, “This is better than Romeo and Juliet!” :) Admit it, you have probably said (or at least thought) a similar sentence when talking about your love story.

And still, once the time comes round to think of a personal gift for your boyfriend/ your girlfriend / your wife / your husband, you’re lost for ideas. You’re looking for inspiration for the perfect gift for his / her birthday or your anniversary?

WhatsApp book for couples

No more gift vouchers!

Somehow it’s always the same: you love each other, you share beautiful moments, you have your own unique story…. And in regular intervals, occasions turn up where you want to treat your partner a very special surprise. Something personal – something as unique as your story. It doesn’t matter whether you have a thousand ideas or are desperate for inspiration – for some reason you end up with a gift voucher. Again. Maybe, because you don’t have the time to file through his music collection, browse through every shop on the high street or to come up with something super creative yourself. Or maybe, you’re just not sure to match her taste.

Think about it: you’re looking for something that belongs to only the two of you. Something that mirrors your very own love story. Well, have you thought of something? Of course, your WhatsApp chat! You’ve written your own love chat: the first date, the good night kiss, the good morning kiss, the I miss you so much kiss, sent pictures, told each other about everything. That’s a very personal, unique gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend right there, in front of your nose!

Print Your WhatsApp Chat as a Book

Maybe you have already thought of this yourself, but didn’t know how to print your WhatsApp chat? Maybe you are even one of those brave souls who have managed a WhatsApp chat export only to then try and somehow brighten up the rather unattractive text file you received? Or you have manually typed and saved all your WhatsApp messages (some people with angelic patience do this, true story! Hat off to you if you are one of them).  And then you realized that this was really not a particularly presentable gift?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could print your WhatsApp chat as a book? Including all WhatsApp messages and pictures. As a hardcover, with a nice binding and great quality paper. With your own title and your favourite photo on the cover.

Guess what? You can! With zapptales you can print your entire WhatsApp love chat as a beautiful book. You have written the story yourself, now you can turn it into a book. Your WhatsApp book is completely customizable: your own title, your own cover photo, the choice between many different backgrounds, fonts and styles.  And you can emphasize or delete messages and pictures. In the end, you will have created a truly personal present. Your WhatsApp love chat as a book!

Wouldn’t it be nice to see your photo on your WhatsApp book – entitled „You & Me”, “Our first year”, “You are my everything”, or maybe even “All I wanted was Coffee – or so I thought” :)

A WhatsApp book is ideal as a gift for your boyfriend, a gift for your girlfriend, a gift for your husband or a gift for your wife. The perfect present for a birthday or an anniversary. Or maybe you just want to say thank you? Or make him smile?

Isn’t it nice when being creative is this easy :)

Have fun trying it out 

Your zapptales team

P.S.: fortunately, it’s really easy to create your WhatsApp book. It takes only four steps. You can find detailed instructions here. You can print just one copy – or get an extra one to keep for yourself!