And what do you think about Valentine’s day?

Just like every year, St. Valentine’s Day will take place on the 14th of February. It’s a day that not everyone agrees on. No matter whether happily married or single: some hate the day, others love it. Many couples love to celebrate their relationship in a particularly romantic way – but just as many avoid it at all costs. So what is this day? Romantic? Kitschy? Or simply annoying?

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When I talked to my colleagues about this, everyone had a different opinion. But in the end, we found 5 good reasons to like Valentine’s day after all 😊

5 good reasons to like Valentine’s day

  1. Because it reminds you of something important: appreciation. We all crave it from our loved ones. Of course it sometimes gets lost in our busy daily lives – between meetings, friends, kids and family. But often it’s the small gestures that have the biggest impact, right?
  2. Because it gives you a reason to think about who really matters in your life – even if that isn’t your partner. Have you ever thought of your family or your best friend on Valentine’s Day?
  3. Because it helps you show your feelings. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you. Maybe it’s your opportunity to tell them what you think makes them so special to you?
  4. Because it’s the perfect excuse – for a huge mountain of chocolate, a hopelessly romantic comedy, or simply for a nice dinner out.
  5. Because it allows us to show off our romantic side. Compose a poem, write a love letter, look through old photos or just remind yourselves about what makes your love story so special.

Have you recently had a good look at the WhatsApp conversation you have with your favourite people? Does it make you smile – or even laugh? And what makes your raise your eyebrows? What’s special about it? Is it the big words or the small gestures?

Maybe you feel like celebrating love after all. Maybe on the 14th of February – maybe on a different day 😊. And if you want to surprise that special someone with a truly personal present – you can get started creating your very own bestseller right away:

Have fun making someone smile 😊
Your zapptales team