How to Keep the Best Memories of Your Baby’s First Year Forever.

Your baby’s first smile, her spinach smeared face, eating spaghetti, discovering chocolate, clutching her teddy bear, wearing the cute little outfit you just bought her… Remember all these beautiful moments?

Of course you do! And you’ve probably already taken a million pictures of your little prince or princess, utilizing the storage capacity of your smartphone to the max. More than that, you have shared the cutest and funniest pictures with co-mums, your husband, your parents, your parents in law, your friends and many other people on your WhatsApp contact list.

And now, can you imagine them growing up? Even finishing school like so many other older kids have just done? Wouldn’t it be nice to have something to remember their baby years by? Something you can flick through, photos with little comments, to reminisce… to share with your friends, your family – and even your kids when they’re older. Imagine the smiles and giggles, the oooohhhs and aaaahs.

Parents get really creative when it comes to storing the baby memorabilia of their kids. A baby photo book, baby memory book, baby diary, baby shadow boxes, little bow tied boxes to keep their first pair of shoes and their first outfit, a hand print – you name it. Or a specially designed WhatsApp book! This is really easy to do as it already includes all the photos and special notes you have sent to friends and family. No need to painstakingly create a photo book and come up with witty captions. It’s all there already :) .

A WhatsApp baby book makes a great gift for grandparents, aunts and uncles. Or for yourself. Or you could pre-plan it as a gift for your little one when they are older – say their 18th birthday! A fabulous idea for those of you who like to plan ahead!

Where can you get one? Right here!

Have fun creating all those oooohhhs and aaaaahs :)

Your zapptales team