The Winners‘ WhatsApp Book

Your sports team and you – you have already achieved so much together. Why should these memories be lost to the depths of the digital universe?

WhatsApp book sports team

You worked hard, planned everything, got sweaty, shouted the f word more often than your mum should know, rejoiced, constantly motivating and pushing each other. You already have team t-shirts, jerseys, maybe even your slogan on your water bottles… Whether your team consists of two or 20 – you belong together!

Just think back to everything you’ve been through together! There are the competitions and the wins. That’s one thing. But the journey started before that – the goals you set yourselves, the training, the preparation, the registration, the train journey… and then! The hanging heads or the triumphant smiles. The messages to your trainer, the friends at home. The congratulations or the ‘don’t worry, you’ll make it next time’ from your family and friends! All these emotions!

Do you want to lose these emotions to the depths of the digital space? I didn’t think so. You have everything written down in your WhatsApp chat. Now print your WhatsApp Chat into a winners‘ WhatsApp book! It’s the perfect present for a sports team. One WhatsApp book for every team member, to hold on to all your moments together. To leaf through, to rejoice and to relive memories. This WhatsApp book is as unique as your story – and the perfect sports team present :)

And the best part of it: with zapptales only the first book is full price – every further copy is half price!

Go on, check out your winners‘ WhatsApp book:

Have fun!

Your zapptales team