Hello all you Wanna-be-James-Bonds: Is encryption also the first thing that springs to mind when you think of emojis? No? Then you should take a look at this!

With Codemoji you can use emojis to encipher your messages. This way Mozilla (best known for its web browser Firefox) wants to show you the importance of data encryption – in a playful manner.

Codemoji to encrypt WhatsApp message with emojis

And playful is the right word: on the codemoji website you can enter your text (just for fun or even for real) and pick a key-emoji. Your message is immediately translated into a sequence of emojis. Using the ‘share this message’ button you can then send this encoded message to your friends. But don’t forget to give them a hint for the key-emoji (e.g. Bugs….)!

Of course, this is far removed from real encryption software – but it’s definitely fun!

Have fun giving it a go :)

Your zapptales team