How To Write the Perfect Personal Dedication for Your WhatsApp Book.

So, you are going to give a really special someone in your life the probably most personal book in the world: you are going to print your WhatsApp chat. And to top it all off: you can make it even more personal by adding a dedication :). Think of it as the grand entrance to your story.

personal dedication for your WhatsApp book

Some of you will think: “That’s easy!” After all, there are a thousand things you have always been meaning to say, and others you can’t say enough. And some things are much easier to write down than to say out loud.  For all the others out there (like you and me), we have put together this step-by-step guide to writing a personal dedication.

Write the perfect dedication in 5 steps:

  1. Individuality: always have the person in mind you are giving the WhatsApp book to. Mention their name, address her directly.
  2. Occasion: name it – be it a birthday, anniversary, wedding day, saying thank you, just for fun, after a holiday, or, or, or…
  3. Quotes: are optional, not a must. They can be really helpful in putting your thoughts into words (some people make a living out of writing, after all). Remember to add the author and – if you know it – the year when the quote was written. That always impresses people!
  4. Context: make the connection between the occasion, the quote if you used one, and the printed WhatsApp chat; a wish for the future is also a nice touch.
  5. Finishing line: add a personal note; might want to write somethings like “forever yours” and sign with your pet name for an anniversary book – something you probably wouldn’t say when you print a WhatsApp chat with your family :)

Your personal dedication can be very short – or have just over 2,000 characters. Rely on your personal style :)

Have fun writing the entrance to your story!

Your zapptales team