A Wedding Favor Your Guests Will Actually Want: Your WhatsApp Chat as a Book.

The possibilities for wedding favors are endless – your names on candy bars, on luggage tags, homemade candles… But there is a more modern and at least equally individual option. How would you like to tell your very own story, entertain your guests, and give them a wedding favor they will actually want to keep? All at the same time? Sounds awesome, right? Then how about giving away your very own WhatsApp book as a wedding favor?

Dokumente per WhatsApp verschicken

How To Send Documents via WhatsApp

WhatsApp has a new function. Now you can send documents via your beloved instant messaging service!

Turn Your Love Chat Into a WhatsApp Book

“Our story is one of a kind!”, “We should make a book of this!”, “Can you believe the things we’ve been through?”, “This is better than Romeo and Juliet!” Admit it, you have probably said (or at least thought) a similar sentence when talking about your love story.
And still, once the time comes round to think of a personal gift for your boyfriend/ your girlfriend / your wife / your husband, you’re lost for ideas. You’re looking for inspiration for the perfect gift for his / her birthday or your anniversary?

How to install WhatsApp Web on your computer

Your WhatsApp account plays and important role in your life. Especially your mobile life :) But why limit yourself to your mobile? What if the battery is about to die and you really need to send out a few emojis???? Not a problem – you can still continue chatting via your computer. Just use WhatsApp Web.