Customer Feedback: Isabell’s zapptales Experience

Wow, another fabulous zapptales customer feedback! We are very excited about the beautiful words Isabell from Hamburg has to describe her zapptales experience:

customer feedback: Isabell's zapptales experience

Hello dear zapptales team,

I just wanted to say that you’re doing a fantastic job!!

My books arrived last week and I am over the moon!

The idea is brilliant! And the editing process is great (link and auto-save). The support is quick, personal and friendly! And the end result is awesome. Simply a fab and well-rounded product!

 Thank you for this, I will definitely recommend you to my friends!

 All the best from Hamburg,


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To all zapptales customers – and especially Isabell!: we wish you lots of fun with your zapptales WhatsApp book! Not only reading through it by yourself or with your friends – but also when creating and designing your very own book!

Your zapptales team