How to Delete Messages and Pictures from Your WhatsApp Book

You constantly chit chat, exchange your opinions, send a quick selfie from the club… There might just be one or the other message in your chat that you wouldn’t want your mum to read :) To make your zapptales WhatsApp book the perfect present, we’ve made it possible for you to delete these messages:

How to Delete Pictures from Your zapptales WhatsApp Book:

That’s easy: to delete a picture from your WhatsApp book, just click on the x in the top right hand corner of the picture. This removes the picture and replaces it with a place holder. Careful, though: delete means delete! Should you change your mind, you can only use the place holder to upload a picture from the photos saved on your desktop or mobile.

Alternatively, you can hide pictures. This way, there are not deleted, but are also not shown in your WhatsApp book. To do this, click on the eye symbol in the picture. Re-clicking the eye symbol reinstalls the picture.

How to Delete Messages from Your zapptales WhatsApp Book:

That’s easy, too! Just click on the message that is not supposed to be printed in your WhatsApp book. That hides the message. You can still see it faded out in the chat edition page – but it won’t be printed in your WhatsApp book (you can verify this in the book preview).

So: You can print any WhatsApp chat you want – and simply delete those things you don’t want to be remembered for eternity :)

Have fun creating your zapptales WhatsApp book!

Your zapptales team