zapptales’ Summer Holiday Read Recommendation: A Book as Unique as You Are

Summer time is book time! No matter whether you are at the beach, a lakeside or your balcony – we have the perfect holiday read for you!

summer read recommendation

Of course there are thousands of the usual holiday bestseller lists. Starting with ELLE to Cosmopolitan to Huffington Post . There, you can find lots of inspiration and even one or the other book you might enjoy reading.

Sure, it all depends on your holiday read personality. Do you prefer long books? Or short ones? Or a very long collection of short stories? And which genre do you prefer? Detective stories? Romantic novels? Historical dramas? Science fiction? Biographies? Are you looking for a funny book? A gripping read? Politically relevant information? You’ll certainly find something like that on the above lists. And will be able to talk with your beach neighbours about these books – because they’ll be reading the same ones :) But maybe you’re looking to read something a bit more different?

A book as unique as your story

How about your own story? The story of your own life? Surely, that includes many moments reading about? Think about all those funny, annoying, touching memories!

So – our holiday read recommendation for 2016 is very clear: pack your personal summer bestseller!

What book could that be? Your own zapptales WhatsApp book of course! With zapptales it is really easy to print a WhatsApp Chat and turn it into a book as unique as your own story! Magic :) Life writes the best stories, after all.

How do you mean, print a WhatsApp chat? How is that done? Easy: just design your own book – including a cover photo, title, personal dedication, favourite backgrounds and many more features – from your favourite WhatsApp chat on zapptales. You can find a detailed step-by-step guide here. Prices start from 24.90€ and depend on the length of your chat and your choice of book cover. All the WhatsApp book price information can be found here.

And after your holiday? You put your own book on the shelf – to get it back out, show it to your friends, leaf through it and reminisce together. Start building your own autobiography :)

Have fun reading!

Your zapptales team