It’s always the same! Sigh, eye roll. You have amazing people in your life. You want to show them how much you care. With the perfect gift. How? Easy! Make it personal with their photo on the cover of your WhatsApp book.

We’ve all been there. Desperate for inspiration for the perfect gift. Your husband’s / boyfriend’s / girlfriend’s / BFF’s / granny’s birthday is coming up… the guys from the football team just did an amazing job, the girls made you cry with laughter on your holiday, your best man has delivered a bachelor party to remember… And you think it’s time to say ‚Thank you‘. Or ‚thank you for being there‘. But how?

Of course, there’s always flowers. Or chocolate. Or a crate of beer. Yawn. That’s boring, right? You want something more creative. You want the perfect gift, after all.

What makes the perfect gift?

The perfect gift has to have a direct relation to the receiver – ideally linked to something you’re experienced together. It has to be unique – something no one else has. And it should be fun. And a talking point.

Now there are many creative people out there who overflow with brilliant ideas. No problem. For the rest of us, there’s zapptales.

After all, your WhatsApp Chat includes it all! You’ve talked about what exactly it is you are looking for, what you like, what you don’t like, which gig you really have to go to, how your favourite band always makes you cry with that one song, which restaurant makes the best dim sum in New York, and much much more. Absolutely everything is documented in your WhatsApp Chat. And you can turn this into a unique WhatsApp book.

It’s personal!

And not just the content is personal – you choose the design of your WhatsApp book according to your style – or that of the receiver. Mix and match different backgrounds, fonts and cover colours. Choose your title and whether you prefer a hardcover or a softcover book. Simply pick your favourite photo from your WhatsApp Chat and add it to the cover of your WhatsApp book.  Nothing tells your story like a picture.

Now that’s a perfect present.

What are you waiting for? Start creating your book now on

Have fun!

Your zapptales team

WhatsApp Book from zapptales with a picture on the cover. The perfect gift.

WhatsApp Book zapptales with Cover Photo