A WhatsApp Book for Your Wedding? Five Occasions! At Least.

Your weddings day consists of more than 24 hours. Every perfect day has a before, now and after. And in most cases there are more than two people involved.

The Proposal, the Best Man, the Bridesmaid, the Stag Do, the Hen Do, the Mother of the Bride, Bride and Groom, the Guests

Just think of everything that goes into your big day: within one second you will have thought of a least a million things. Doesn’t the entire story start with the proposal? Almost every friend will ask:” Ooooohh, that’s brilliant news! And, how did he propose?” – or maybe “So, she proposed? And how?”

And that’s only the beginning! It begins to dawn on you that there are plenty of things to consider and to organize. Who will be your best man? And your bridesmaid? And you will need her to help with all the organisational stuff and to provide support and advice on issues as difficult as the location, the wedding dress, the party, the band and – of course, to organize the bachelorette party. Or, in case of the best man, the bachelor party. And your mum will most likely have suggestions for flower arragenments, who to add to the guest list, which name cards to choose etc.

Of course, on the wedding day itself you and your partner are at the center of everything. But a really perfect wedding depends on your guests, too! Who else would give that embarrassing speech? Let pigeons fly? Laugh, cry, tell stories from your childhood? Or show around those lovely baby pictures?

In short: There are as many reasons to be happy as there are people at your wedding. And each happy moment deserves to be remembered! Be it as a souvenir or as a gift. Each of these moments deserves a WhatsApp book!

Ideal occasions for a WhatsApp book around your wedding are:

  • The proposal
  • The stag do / hen do
  • A very personal wedding gift
  • As a guest book
  • To say thank you
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Five Occasions for a WhatsApp Book Around Your Wedding

  • Proposal via WhatsApp book

The classic among the proposal stories goes like this (at least according to Hollywood): he gets down on one knee, in front of an incredibly romantic backdrop (how about the Niagara Falls, the top of a mountain, a desert island?) or magically produces a small box with an engagement ring during a candle light dinner. Sure, that’s all very romantic. Indeed. But it’s an old hat! Wouldn’t it be nice if you could tell a different story? For example with a book of your WhatsApp Chat.

  • Stag do / hen do

Your best man has organised a bachelor party to remember? The entire girl group splashed out on a one week bachelorette party on Ibiza? Then print the entire WhatsApp chat including the preparation, hickups and fun as a WhatsApp book! And send to all those you where there. Make your stag / hen do unforgettable! (FYI: it is possible to delete individual messages and pictures when editing your WhatsApp book. Might be necessary for one or the other bachelor / bachelorette party) ;-)

  • The personal wedding gift

What could be more personal than the WhatsApp chat between boyfriend and girlfriend, or fiancé and fiancée? If you haven’t already proposed with a WhatsApp book, then your big day is the best occasion to show your future husband or wife how unique your love is. With your own love story as a WhatsApp book!

  • The guest book

You invited all your friends and family. The atmosphere is great, everyone takes pictures and congratulates you. They write something in a traditional guest book. Or, perfectly tailored to you, combine all this in a WhatsApp book. Simply ask your guests to join the WhatsApp group you created for this occasion. They can then send their congratulations including photo and messages to this WhatsApp chat. With zapptales you can then very easily customize the title, cover and background – and your Guest-WhatsApp-book is ready! Keep it for yourself or send it to all your guests (there are discounts when you order more than one copy of a book).

  • To say thank you to your bridesmaid

Your bridesmaid has supported you right from the start, she has organised your hen do, picked the perfect white dress with you – and has shared, commented and everything via WhatsApp, has sent you thousands of WhatsApp messages and photos, hundreds of smileys…. Why don’t you print this WhatsApp chat as a book as your very personal way to say “Thank you!”? A unique gift for her support and her friendship.

And these are only our suggestions. Maybe you have another occasion to print a WhatsApp book for your wedding? Or you have another WhatsApp chat that should never be lost? If you’re looking for ideas, here’s some inspiration!

Have fun planning and organizing your wedding – and most important of all, have fun getting married!

Your zapptales team