I have used the Android app and exported my chat without media – but there is still a part of my chat missing! What can I do?

If you’ve already sent the chat without media and it’s still incomplete, you’ve probably reached the limit for the WhatsApp chat export with Android. Unfortunately, Android limits the export to the last 40 thousand messages. This is a limit we cannot influence. However, there are different options to work around it:


Option 1:
In case your chat partner has an iPhone you could try to export the chat with it. With an iPhone, it’s no problem to upload the whole chat.

Option 2:
Have you exported the chat to yourself via e-mail earlier? It would then be possible to merge the two parts.

Option 3:
You could copy the messages from web.whatsapp.com and upload them to zapptales. This is how it works:


Who is your delivery partner?

The book you print of your WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger chat is delivered to you with DHL or UPS.

We have specifically chosen DHL and UPS as our logistics partners for its reliability. All parcels are insured and can be tracked – nationally and internationally.

We have deliberately chosen quality over budget – the personal nature of your very own WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger chat as a book is worth it!

Countries, delivery times and costs?

  • Germany: 5 – 7 working days (3.90€)
  • UK & Ireland:
    • Standard: 7 – 9 working days (9.95€)
    • Express: 5 – 7 working days (17.95€)
  • Austria:
    • Standard: 7 – 9 working days (7.95€)
    • Express: 5 – 7 working days (17.95€)
  • Rest of EU:
    • Standard: 7 – 12 working days (7.95€)
    • Express (only NL): 5 – 7 working days (17.95€)
  • Switzerland:
    • Standard: 7 – 10 working days (9.95€*/**)
    • Express: 5 – 7 working days (29.95€*/**)
  • USA, Canada, Hong Kong & Australia:
    • Standard: 12 – 15 working days (24.95€*/**)
    • Express: 7 – 9 working days (39.95€*/**)
  • South America (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico):
    • Standard: 15 – 20 working days (24.95€*/**)
    • Express: 7 – 9 working days (45.95€*/**)
  • India: 15 – 20 working days (34.95€*/**)
  • Rest of World: 15 – 20 working days (24.95€ – 39.95€*/**)

The delivery time begins on the first working day after we have received your order.

As soon as your book has been shipped you will receive an e-mail with a tracking number and a link where you can check your shippment status at any time.

*International shippments are with DHL World Premium, which includes the cost of customs clearance as well as import taxes.

** In some cases the international shipping time can take longer than expected due to longer processing times in the customs clearance (in some cases up to 15-20 working days). Please contact our support@zapptales.com for more information.

zapptales ships your book of your WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger chat to almost every country in the world. Should your chosen country not be on the list above, please contact support@zapptales.com to find out more about delivery times and prices.

What bank details should I use when paying via wire bank transfer?

Please transfer the due amount to:

Recipient: zapptales GmbH
IBAN: DE73 7016 9466 0000 9049 96

Reference: Your order number (which you can find in the email ‘Your order with zapptales’)
Address (if required): Lucile-Grahn-Str. 47, 81675 Munich, Germany

To speed up the production process, you can also send us a payment confirmation to support@zapptales.com.

Please note: When paying via wire bank transfer or advance payment, the production process can only be started once we have received your payment in full. This also means that the delivery period only starts once we have received your payment in full.

Which payment options are available?

To pay for your zapptales book, you can choose from the following payment options: PayPalAmazon PaymentsVisaMasterCardiDeal or wire transfer.

Can I calculate the price of my zapptales book in advance?

Unfortunately, not. The price for your WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger chat as a book depends on the length of the chat you print – and that depends on the number of messages, pictures, videos and voice messages you sent, if you want them in your book and which time period you want to print from WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger .

On the chat edition page we give you an estimate about the number of pages your WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger book will have. The final price can only be calculated when you have decided whether you want to buy a hardcover or softcover book.

Is there a quantity discount?

With more than 500 pages, you’ll automatically have a quantity discount 😊 In addition, you get 25% off every further copy of your book. 😎

How much does a zapptales book cost?

That depends on the number of pages and your choice of product:

  • The hardcover version costs 29.90€ for books up to 150 pages, +4€ for every additional 50 pages.
  • The softcover version costs 26.90€ for books up to 150 pages, +4€ for every additional 50 pages.
  • The digital version, available in PDF, costs 14.90€ and is ready for instant download.

If you want your videos and voice messages visible as QR-Codes in your book or PDF, this costs uniquely 4.90€

And remember: Every additional copy is 25% off 🙂