Top Five Reasons to Transform Your WhatsApp Chat into a Book

Print WhatsApp messages? Is that possible? Yes! Why should I do that? – That’s a question we hear a lot. The answer? There’s more than one! Here are the top five:

Write WhatsApp Message in Bold, Italics, or Crossed Out

Show some personality in your WhatsApp chat! It is now possible to write in italics or bold or cross out words and sentences.

How to write the perfect personal dedication for your WhatsApp book

So, you are going to give a really special someone in your life the probably most personal book in the world: you are going to print your WhatsApp chat. And to top it all off: you can make it even more personal by adding a dedication :). Think of it as the grand entrance to your story.

WhatsApp Chat drucken - So gehts

How to print WhatsApp messages: Your chat as a book, PDF or .txt file

A simple guide for Android and iOS – and the perfect solution to bring your printed chat to life.

Customer feedback: Leanne’s awesome zapptales experience

What more could we say? Much more enthusiasm than Leanne fells for her very personal WhatsApp book feels, is quite impossible! :) After Leanne had written us, we wanted to know more about her story and asked her a few questions.

And what do you think about Valentine’s day?

Just like every year, St. Valentine’s Day will take place on the 14th of February. It’s a day that not everyone agrees on. No matter whether happily married or single: some hate the day, others love it. Many couples love to celebrate their relationship in a particularly romantic way – but just as many avoid it at all costs. So what is this day? Romantic? Kitschy? Or simply annoying?