zapptales WhatsApp Buch aus Baby Chat

Checklist : 50 memories to record in your WhatsApp Baby Book

So you’ve decided that it would be lovely to have a baby book you can share with your family, your friends and your kid once they are a bit older. To make sure you don’t forget any essential memories, we’ve put together a list of events you might want to include.

WhatsApp Buch von zapptales aus Baby Chat

WhatsApp baby book: how to keep the best memories of your baby’s first year forever

Your baby’s first smile, her spinach smeared face, eating spaghetti, discovering chocolate, clutching her teddy bear, wearing the cute little outfit you just bought her… Remember all these beautiful moments?

These babies look like WhatsApp emojis!

Their faces are just too cute – and they are the exact copy of some of our favourite emojis. Just had to share these with you. Have fun!

Your Travel WhatsApp Book

The travel season has arrived. Some have just been on holiday, others are about to board their plane and others are planning the next trip already. Or are dreaming of the last one. Make sure you hold on to those treasured memories!

A Wedding Favor Your Guests Will Actually Want: Your WhatsApp Chat as a Book.

The possibilities for wedding favors are endless – your names on candy bars, on luggage tags, homemade candles… But there is a more modern and at least equally individual option. How would you like to tell your very own story, entertain your guests, and give them a wedding favor they will actually want to keep? All at the same time? Sounds awesome, right? Then how about giving away your very own WhatsApp book as a wedding favor?

Dokumente per WhatsApp verschicken

How To Send Documents via WhatsApp

WhatsApp has a new function. Now you can send documents via your beloved instant messaging service!

Turn Your Love Chat Into a WhatsApp Book

“Our story is one of a kind!”, “We should make a book of this!”, “Can you believe the things we’ve been through?”, “This is better than Romeo and Juliet!” Admit it, you have probably said (or at least thought) a similar sentence when talking about your love story.
And still, once the time comes round to think of a personal gift for your boyfriend/ your girlfriend / your wife / your husband, you’re lost for ideas. You’re looking for inspiration for the perfect gift for his / her birthday or your anniversary?

How to install WhatsApp Web on your computer

Your WhatsApp account plays and important role in your life. Especially your mobile life :) But why limit yourself to your mobile? What if the battery is about to die and you really need to send out a few emojis???? Not a problem – you can still continue chatting via your computer. Just use WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp Buch von zapptales zur Hochzeit

A WhatsApp Book for Your Wedding: Five Occasions

Your weddings day consists of more than 24 hours. Every perfect day has a before, now and after. And in most cases there are more than two people involved.