How are very long chats divided into volumes?

If your chat has more then 500 pages, it is automatically divided into volumes after you order your book. And this is how it’s done:

  • The pages are spread evenly across the volumes, so that no volume is thicker than the other one! For example, if your chat has 1500 pages, it will automatically be divided into 3 volumes with 500 pages each.
  • The dedication on the first page will be printed on the first page of the first volume. The dedication on the last page will be printed on the last page of the last volume.
  • The price is always calculated according to the total number of pages, no matter whether your chat is divided into volumes or not.

And what will the covers look like? Each cover has the number of the volume printed below the cover picture. Just like in this example:

zapptales how WhatsApp book volumes